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  • Do you know why?

    Do you know why?

    What we choose to respond to is a reflection of what is important to us. The more important it is, the more intense or passionate our response. Hence anger that bubbles over, or heartfelt pleas and messages to connect with someone about something. The tone and demeanour of how we respond is a reflection of…

  • Prisons of our minds

    Prisons of our minds

    Without realising it, we create most of the boundaries and the dependencies that we have on others, often without them being aware of it. One of the reasons we do this is because that is our code of life that we’re honouring. It’s our way of respecting or protecting what we see as sacred in…

  • Mediocrity is the enemy of life

    Mediocrity is the enemy of life

    How often do you hold back so that you don’t ruffle feathers? Maybe you hold back because you don’t want to be the odd one out? Or perhaps you withhold what you’re capable of because you don’t want anyone to think that you are arrogant, or full of yourself, or trying to steal the limelight?…

  • Don’t choose the hard way

    Don’t choose the hard way

    The original Afrikaans saying for this is somewhat more impactful. ‘Die wat nie will hoor nie, moet voel.’ Translated, that means that if you don’t want to listen, then you’ll feel the pain. While it may have been regularly used as a taunt by teachers and parents towards misbehaving kids, it is totally apt for…

  • Support Indie Authors

    Support Indie Authors

    Thank you Gallo Images for creating opportunities for indie authors and content creators like myself to get exposure. As any indie author will tell you, writing the book is the easy part. Publishing it is the next part, which is a bit easier than writing it. That’s if you do everything yourself like I do.…

  • Need help to de-stress?

    Need help to de-stress?

    We all need different things at different times in life. It’s part of the growth cycle. From beginning to realise what we’re really dealing with, to finding ways to cope with it, to choosing to rise above it, and finally, to no longer be defined by what was once weighing us down. These are important…

  • Defining Moments Life Coaching

    Defining Moments Life Coaching

    Defining moments are those moments that mark a turning point in our lives. It’s either recalled as a moment of upliftment, or sadly too often a moment of duress. Both, however, define our lives and influences our behaviour in ways that we rarely recognise.

  • Coming Soon: Launch of Life Coaching Practice

    Coming Soon: Launch of Life Coaching Practice

    I walked away from a seven figure salary to pursue this dream of mine. The people around me thought I was crazy, and many still do, but I know what I’m passionate about. That is, empowering people to rise above the constraints of their upbringing! In a nutshell, that is my calling in life. To…