Do you know why?

What we choose to respond to is a reflection of what is important to us.

The more important it is, the more intense or passionate our response.

Hence anger that bubbles over, or heartfelt pleas and messages to connect with someone about something.

The tone and demeanour of how we respond is a reflection of our self-worth.

The more aggressive or abrasive we are, the lower our self-worth in that moment and about that setting. And vice versa.

If we’re not mindful about our emotional needs from a given interaction, we’re likely to be distracted by the technical or practical aspects of what we’re dealing with, rather than understanding why it provokes such a strong response from us, or our partner.

Situational mindfulness is the easy part. That’s being aware of WHAT is going on around you so that you can respond appropriately.

Emotional mindfulness is more elusive, because it means that we need to be consciously aware of our emotional bias in that moment, or else we’ll lose sight of our bias when interpreting the actions or words of others. In other words, the WHY of our response.

Understanding your Egosystem that drives you is therefore critical towards improving the quality of your relationships, and your life.

If you’re struggling to understand why you can’t let go of something that appears hopeless, or why you feel so intensely about something that isn’t that important in the bigger picture, get your copy of The Egosystem now, and begin your journey of reconnecting with you, after having been distracted by the struggles of life.

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