Enabling our oppressors

We only give others permission to disrespect us when we disrespect ourselves first.

Disrespect of the self takes many shapes and forms including compromising our values for personal gain, accepting abuse from fear of abandonment, restraining our contribution from fear of rejection, and more.

When treating ourselves with disrespect becomes the norm, accepting disrespect becomes the theme of our lives.

Reclaiming our space in relationships with significant others then becomes a struggle, because without realising it, we gave them permission to treat us badly.

Of course, the fact that they may have taken up the opportunity to treat us badly confirms their disrespect for themselves as well.

And that’s how we end up in relationships where respect is optional, and being together becomes a matter of convenience that we justify in many ways, including doing it for the children, not wanting to be seen as a failure, nor wanting to return to our parent’s home and bringing shame to them, not wanting to be alone, and more.

That’s when life becomes empty, and joy is replaced with bitterness. Break that cycle before it breaks you, because when you’re broken, you become a liability to this world, rather than a blessing.

And this world has enough social liabilities already. Please be better than that. You deserve it, and so does everyone around you.

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