Know your place

The value of knowing your place is underrated.

So many impose themselves in the hope of acceptance, only to question the sincerity of the company they keep when they eventually earn that acceptance.

Sometimes, we only discover our place after having invested in relationships that were never intent on embracing us the way we embraced them.

Sometimes, those relationships are with those for whom we sacrificed much to see them grow.

And sometimes, it’s in uplifting total strangers who became friends and then abandoned us when we posed a threat to their popularity.

Whatever it is that came before that moment, accept with grace and dignity your place when they reveal their true selves.

Worse than losing time in spaces where you’re not appreciated is losing your dignity and self respect.

And both, dignity and self respect are yours to claim. It’s not something that must be endowed upon you by anyone else

Claim yours before you lose it completely.

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