Why wait?

The most common distraction that prevents us from reaching our goals is waiting for others to take responsibility for our wounds.

I’m not saying that they may not be responsible for the betrayal or the hurtful way in which they treated us. No.

What I’m saying is that waiting for them to own their contribution towards our state is a waste of life.

Whose life? Yours! Your life is wasted away with every moment that you put your life on hold because you need someone else to step up and be better towards you, or to appreciate or respect you.

It’s OK to leave a space open for them to occupy in your life. But it’s not OK to demand that they fill that space.

The moment you demand such investment from them, you taint the sincerity with which they show up in your life, and you create a burden where once there was an opportunity for peace.

And the reason we do this is simple. We do it because we hope that when they realise how significant they are to us, we may grow to be more significant to them.

That’s how we lose ourselves while waiting for others to make us feel better about what they did to us, or what we need from them.

Life is too short to spend it waiting for better days. Own your life, and allow others to own theirs. And if that results in a beautiful space being created between you two, then cherish it.

And if not, then cherish the opportunity to create space for the right person to fill that space in your life instead.

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2 responses to “Why wait?”

  1. Very true – this post reminds me a little of the quotation ‘Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’. Not perfectly related, but we have to acknowledge how, ultimately, the only person under our own control is ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

    • Absolutely…sadly though, we associate shame with getting things wrong, which is why so many are averse to owning their contribution towards the struggles that they encounter in life.

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