Last words don’t always matter

Last words are only needed when we still care about what others think.

Hoping to set the record straight about incorrect assumptions that someone may make of us is most often due to us still caring about their opinion of us.

Importantly though, their opinion will only matter if they still matter to us.

And they only matter to us if we still believe that they’re capable of being better than who they are, and we still want to influence them to be that better version of themselves.

This is one of the roots of expectation in our relationships…often relationships that are no longer serving us well.

And it’s this expectation or need to be influential in their lives that continues to hold us back when trying to move on from a relationship that isn’t working.

Your self-worth is not dependent on how you are able to influence others. However, it is a reflection of your worth to them.

Recognise this critical difference and choose dignity and self-respect before you choose to sacrifice yourself in the hope of inspiring their virtues.

Maintaining hope that they will one day realise what they need to about themselves, without expecting them to trust your input about their potential, is one of the most effective ways to break the hold of the expectations that keep you invested in a bad relationship.

Letting go of those expectations creates space within you to allow yourself to express to the world your virtues, rather than holding back while waiting for others to appreciate you first.

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