Every breath is hope

When we undermine ourselves, we empower our enemies, and like they say, the friend of my enemy is my enemy.

So it stands to reason that that is how we become our own worst enemies.

It’s our efforts to subdue our hope in tomorrow, that offers us protection against yet more disappointment or heartache.

It’s also that same effort that pushes away the very blessings that we need to let go of the pain of a life in which we were never enough.

The only reason we need to protect ourselves from that disappointment is because we still judge ourselves against the backdrop of a tainted life, and a tortured love.

Every breath we take is a confirmation that we’re still filled with hope. Every breath is hope.

So breathe a little deeper than before. Because it was that tainted life that stifled your breath, suffocating your hope, and distorting your vision of what the future holds.

Breathe a little deeper, beloved. And allow that promise of hope to carry you forward in life, not to return you to what you’ve left behind.

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