More than a wish

Wishing it’s a sunny day when it’s raining is not going to make the sun come out.

Leaving your umbrella behind is therefore an act of foolishness, not optimism.

Optimism without evidence or action, or both, is a delusion we use to cope with an unpleasant reality.

Wishing away reality only allows that unpleasantness to fester and gain momentum, because natural cycles that are not disrupted by deliberate action will continue to grow in strength.

Let your optimism be based on your belief in the effectiveness of your efforts, not in wishes that have no support in becoming real.

And faith, of course. But faith is the basis of optimism, and faith, without effort, is simply wishful thinking.

Start by taking action, and then have faith that your action will create opportunities to achieve your goals.

Do this, and optimism will take care of itself.

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