A bitter trade

We lose ourselves to the bitterness of this world when we allow the self-loathing of others to define our self-worth.

In our desire to be understood, we willingly adopt labels that limit our expression of who we truly are.

It is a betrayal of the contract of kindness that we have with our soul.

The contract that compels us to treat with gentleness that which we cherish, and to handle with care those who cherish us.

When we allow the self-loathing that drives the bad behaviour of others to define how we feel about ourselves, we replace our gentleness with their harshness, and our care with their contempt.

The labels we use to convince ourselves that this bitter trade is warranted include convincing ourselves that we’re alone, that were powerless victims, or that we’re worthless unless our betrayer tastes the cruelty with which they treated us.

We hope to find significance in karma, believing that if we’re not avenged, then our experience was of no consequence.

To be of consequence, even to the most despicable, fills that void of self-worth that we created when we betrayed the contract of kindness with our soul.

Exhale. Release the toxins of a toxic past, so that you may fill your chest with the blessings that await.

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