Be gentle…to you

When you treat the vulnerable or the gentle ones with contempt, you create the same monsters that made you.

The moment that we realise what we assume to be our nature is in fact a product of our upbringing, we’ll be able to make conscious decisions about who we want to be.

Sometimes, we place so much emphasis on respecting our emotions that we prevent ourselves from seeking answers as to our emotional response.

Humanness is not found in being infinitely understanding, but in balancing that understanding with decisive and purposeful action.

Striking that balance becomes more difficult when raised on a diet of self-doubt and fear.

That self-doubt and fear drives us towards paying forward what we may have received at the hands of similarly struggling souls.

Mindfulness about this state is the only chance of breaking that cycle of harshness or pain.

Be kind to yourself. Begin by seeking to understand what shaped you into who you are, so that you may be able to choose consciously who you want to be.

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