Gratitude is not the first step

Gratitude is all that matters, because gratitude is not possible without everything that matters coming before it.

Gratitude escapes us when we don’t respect the effort needed to achieve anything worth achieving.

It escapes us when we assume that we’re entitled to an outcome, without considering our contribution that is needed towards that outcome.

It escapes us when we take for granted what we have, because we’re always focused on what we don’t have.

To appreciate the effort, the struggle, or the commitment needed to create anything of value, we need to first recognise the sacrifice, the hard work, the consistency, and the commitment needed to develop the skills to gather the resources needed to achieve it.

For this reason, we all have something that we give to others for which they should be grateful, but sadly, we cannot insert gratitude into their hearts for it.

We can only contribute the best of who we are, and appreciate why we may not always be appreciated.

We cannot give what we don’t have. The ungrateful one lacks gratitude for who they are and what they have.

Expecting gratitude from such a being is therefore foolhardy, no matter how significant they may be in your life.

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