Expecting hope

Expectations are simply hopes with a sense of entitlement.

The reason for our entitlement to the fulfilment of our hopes are many. Most often, they’re based on what we contributed towards others.

Sometimes we want that contribution reciprocated because we don’t want to allow others to treat us unfairly, or to take us for granted.

But sometimes, we hold on to that entitlement because we want the treasures of who we are to be handled with love and gentleness by a specific other.

Both are based on the hope of what the outcome offers us in happiness and fulfilment. Or even just in achieving a sense of significance.

Unfortunately, if expectations are not mutually honoured, it becomes a burden for one, and a prison for the other.

The good news is, both are choices. The burden and the prison. But they weigh us down until we recognise that they’re choices.

More importantly, until we are willing to let go of the choice to hold on after we’ve exhausted all efforts to achieve its fulfilment, it will continue to feel like a burden or a prison that is imposed, and not one that is chosen.

Choose wisely…choose consciously.

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