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Be gentle

Chances are very good that your harshness or cruelty is directed at the wrong person.

Unfortunately, you’ll only realise this after the damage is done.

Cruelty, like anger, is most often expressed to those weaker than us, even though we experience it at the hands of those stronger than us.

Sadly, it is paid forward more often than gratitude or kindness.

The need for vengeance to reclaim our power drives us more to action than the perception of weakness that accompanies a gentle spirit.

Needing vengeance is a sign of a low self esteem because we are more concerned with how others perceive us, than how we perceive ourselves.

For this reason there are no bad people in this world, only weak ones.

Don’t be weak.

Being gentle requires a strength of character that too few have mastered.

Be gentle.

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Zaid Ismail

Author, life coach, and mental health activist. We need to change the narrative from disorders, illnesses, and survival to accountability, understanding, and thriving.

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