Empty promises

Some promises are broken before they’re even sealed.

Some are honoured before they’re even made.

The promises that are sincere will be blessed in their outcomes, well beyond the obligation that they carry.

But the promise made out of obligation or compromise will always be burdensome and restrained in its fulfilment.

Like apologies, promises are often made to avoid an unpleasant moment, rather than to create a beautiful one.

It is this insincerity more than anything else that destroys what could be a beautifully fulfilling relationship.

It is in the nuances and innuendos of how we honour the commitments that we make that leaves the most defining impression, and not just the fact that we kept our word.

No one wants to feel like a burden or an obligation.

When we lack sincerity in fulfilling our promises, or following through on our apologies, that is exactly what our unspoken words scream at those who cherish us.

It tells them that they’re not important, only us keeping our word matters to us because we value our image more than we value them.

Let your unspoken words reflect sincerity and conviction, and not leave room for doubt or ugliness.

Anything less is a lie.

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