If tomorrow never comes…

So often I hear people speak of tomorrow not being guaranteed, but still packing away that dinner set for just a special occasion.

We delay making changes that we know we need to make to improve the quality of our life, or of the lives of those around us, because we think we have time.

We look at inspirational memes that speak of valuing and appreciating loved ones while they’re here, but avoid reaching out to them, or inviting them into our spaces because we are not ready for it yet.

Worse than all this, we hold within us the pain of past wounds, refusing to let go, because we convince ourselves that a single moment of hurt is what defines or contaminates every moment with someone thereafter.

That’s how we deny healing.

That’s how we defer life.

That’s how we suffocate our dreams.

And it’s all because of fearing the possibility of experiencing such pain or rejection, or failure again.

So we protect ourselves from being vulnerable, while denying ourselves the love of life itself.

The reality of death only sets in when death stares at us without blinking.

Until that moment, we convince ourselves that we have time to start that important project tomorrow, or next week, or when we get leave from work, or maybe when we retire.

Each time assuming that we’re guaranteed to reach those moments when we think things will be just right for us to finally make that change or to take that step.

When time runs out, it runs out without warning, because it reminded us that we were losing life each time we celebrated another occasion but neglected the moments between those occasions.

Stop taking your life for granted and begin today what you’ve been putting off for so many yesterdays.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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