Judge me fairly

How often do we build pedestals for people and then judge them for sitting on it?

Judgement is inevitable. It’s how we make sense of our world.

But are we aware of the basis of our judgement?

When we judge anyone or anything, it’s based on our past experiences with troubled souls, and not on the present moment.

The moment we shift our attention to the present moment, we’ll find ourselves seeking to understand, rather than to judge.

That understanding will allow us to shift the basis of our judgement in future, because it allows us to test the knowledge that we gained from our past.

The moment we avoid understanding, we’re responding to the fear of reliving a painful experience, rather than creating a new experience.

Oh, gentle soul, many moments of beauty and joy are lost because of such fear.

Sometimes, an entire lifetime of joy can be discarded because we lose sight of the fear that drives us, and believe it to be our conviction to protect ourselves from a cruel world.

Slow down, beloved. Breathe. You’re in this moment because you rose above your past. Let that be the pedestal from which you look to your future.

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