Yearning for a simple life

Life is simple, but it’s not easy.

It becomes complicated when we look for the easy way out.

Doing the right thing is often complicated by our concern for the consequences with those around us.

The greater our emphasis on those consequences, the more complicated life becomes because we have that much more to consider before we hold true to our convictions.

Often, it’s the easiest way to lose sight of our convictions, or finding reason to compromise it until it becomes an empty shell of what we once believed to be sacred.

A simple life, by definition, would lack such complexity.

But in that lies the demand for courage and clarity of thought.

The clearer our thinking, the easier it is to muster up our courage.

Courage is therefore contaminated by an unhealthy fixation on potential outcomes.

Worse still, by preempting outcomes and changing our convictions to avoid conflict, we deny others the opportunity to grow by protecting them from the truth that we hold within us.

Thus, life threatens to be complicated, and unfulfilled, because what we express on the outside ceases to resonate on the inside.

And finally, this opens the door for a bitterness or regret that can no longer be expressed because we surrendered our peace for a painful compromise.

Hold on to your truth, and allow others the space to deal with the awkwardness of their insecurities as they slowly learn to embrace a new understanding.

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