Bitter sweet arrogance

Arrogance is a result of insecurity that is presented as unwarranted confidence.

While it’s easier to focus on the harshness that results from such behaviour, it’s more important to remember that only an insecure person will have a need to demand significance through arrogant behaviour.

Arrogance serves as a distraction from our harsh self-judgement.

If someone behaves arrogantly towards us, it feels like a personal attack because it undermines our significance or the respect and consideration that we believe we deserve.

Whether we deserve to be treated better than that or not is not the critical issue.

The fact that we need someone to treat us better than that is what defines where we’re at about how we value ourselves.

That’s where self-worth or self-loathing on our part either feeds that cycle of arrogance, or it breaks it.

Think of it this way.

If an arrogant person is behaving that way because they’re already feeling inadequate, and you demand that they treat you better than that, you’re simply reinforcing their reasons to believe that they’re inadequate.

You don’t resolve that by pointing out what you deserve from them.

You solve that by introspecting on why their struggle with themselves has such an impact on you.

Owning your self-worth is the beginning of finding peace in life.

But ensure that your self-worth is based on substance, and not just wishful thinking or baseless affirmations.

If there isn’t substance to your belief in yourself, your self-worth will result in you being selfish and destroying what could be a good relationship.

It always starts with you.

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