Own your life

Owning your life doesn’t mean controlling every aspect of your life.

Instead, it means that you are mindful about what and who you allow to influence your decisions and outcomes in your life.

Like most things in life, moderation is important.

Knowing when to take the reins and when to have it over to someone who knows better is key to growth and happiness.

The need to control everything about our lives is driven by fear, rather than inspiration or ambition.

Also, when we choose to control, we also prevent good and sincere advisors from guiding us.

Control is fear based because we need predictability, which is driven by our belief that we are incapable of dealing with unexpected changes.

It’s that belief that we need to challenge when we want to own our life. Because our belief that we’re incapable of dealing with change places control in the circumstances around us, and causes us to react to everything, rather than to own our response.

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