Don’t wish away life

Perspective is what makes the difference between feeling trialed, versus experiencing growth.

The narrative that keeps reminding us that it’s a cruel world and that we must struggle to survive, distracts us from our contribution towards that cruel world.

When things don’t go our way, we must remember the times when we were faced with unexpected difficulties and how we overcame them.

But don’t focus on the amount of times you were faced with difficulties and wish that it would stop.

Focus on the fact that despite your unpreparedness, you were able to overcome the difficulties.

We cannot control what life throws at us. We can only do our best to either overcome it and move on, or find opportunity in it to create something beautiful or valuable.

Recognising your abilities and appreciating the resources that you have access to will help you to remain focused on being purposeful rather than feeling burdened.

Life is a passion that must be lived. And passion is never appreciated if it isn’t accompanied by some pain. Otherwise we take it for granted, and it ceases to be a passion of ours.

That’s what wishing away trials and realities do for us. It robs us of our passion, and turns us into meek victims waiting for life to treat us kinder.

Rise above it. Live passionately. Love deeply. And don’t waste life away worrying about could’ve and should’ve.

Make every moment count.

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