Are you in an abusive relationship…with you?

It’s women’s day in South Africa.

A public holiday dedicated to recognising the value and contribution of women in society.

My hope for this day is that we find the gentleness and nurturing spirit innate in women, and we give it an opportunity to thrive in our own lives, regardless of gender.

Don’t be your harshest critic. Be your most sincere one.

We’re often so focused on how others treat us, that we fail to recognise how badly we treat ourselves.

Is the tone of your internal conversation one of understanding and growth, or harsh judgement and fear?

When you have your internal conversation, do you refer to yourself by your name, or do you say ‘You’?

Recognising these simple points will give you important insights into how you see yourself.

Remember that we cannot give what we don’t have, so if you treat yourself harshly, chances are very good that you’re treating others harshly as well.

Always a good time to reflect and correct the path we’re on.

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