Build your village

We’re bombarded every day with messages that try to convince us to put ourselves first.

To protect ourselves from being taken for granted.

To demand our rights.

To claim our voice.

To claim our space.

And yes, all of that is important. But…

What about what we’re required to contribute?

Who reminds us of our responsibilities before they remind us to claim our rights?

Or to make space for others in our lives before we demand that they make space for us?

Weakness is born in the belief that if we don’t take care of ourselves, no one else will.

Again, while that may have some truth in it, it also entrenches the belief that we must receive before we can give.

It focuses our attention on threats, rather than opportunities to create something new and amazing.

It convinces us that there must be something in it for us, before we are willing to act selflessly towards benefiting others.

Individualism has robbed us of the beauty of belonging to a village. We need to build that village before we can hope to take comfort from what it offers.

Give, create, contribute. Not because you need something in return, but because it is a sincere expression of who you are.

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