Turning pain into beauty

Shortly after I published my novel, An Incomplete Love Story, I remember asking if I finally had permission to post romantic, or mushy stuff. The responses were entertaining and generally positive.

The most common question I get is whether it is based on true life, or is it fiction. Suffice to say it’s a dumbed down version of true life, because as they say, life is often stranger than fiction.

Besides, where would be the fun if you knew for certain what in the novel is true and what is from my imagination?

There are people reading this who still cannot believe that I am capable of romance. The bewildered look on their faces will always be a source of entertainment for me.

Don’t allow the opinions of others to limit what you allow yourself to explore as self-expression, or as life goals.

Here’s a piece I wrote a year ago.

“It is my grasp on the subtlety of beauty, or the hints of romance that breathe between her pauses and between her aches that horror has imposed. My subject of beauty focused on the horror, while I, in my romantic notions, caress with care the breaths and the pauses, seeing in her the divine where she only sees the pain.”

Perhaps this will find its way into the sequel of my novel.

Perhaps the sequel may never be written.

Time will tell…since time holds the secrets to many joys that I hope to encounter in life.

When reading the above snippet, don’t only think of someone else. Consider that this may be how someone sees you, while you’re focused on the heartache and pain from your past.

And that’s what is important. Sometimes we’re so fixated on the pain, that we don’t realise what beauty it has unearthed within us.

Until we do, we’ll always honour the pain, and neglect our beauty.

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