Are you really you?

We often speak of not letting go of our inner child. But, I always wonder why does it have to be something we hold within?

Why can’t we embrace the innocence of our childish charms in everything that we do?

Or did we take away that permission from ourselves when someone once said, “Act your age!”?

What does it mean to act your age?

Who defines what that should look like?

Why do we want to fit in so badly, that we deny who we are when our playfulness may make some old fart feel uncomfortable about their soured soul?

Stop waiting for permission to enjoy this fleeting life.

We wait for permission when we look for a specific reaction before we fully commit.

Or when we restrain ourselves from doing something because someone said it’s not age-appropriate.

Worst of all, we wait for permission when we withhold who we are because we are disappointed that we’re not appreciated by those around us.

That’s when we grow old focusing on the struggles of life, rather than reminiscing about the joys.

Think back to a joyful moment, and it will feel like time flies.

But think back to a painful moment, and suddenly life feels too long.

All because we waited for permission before we embraced who we are. Child and all.

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