Are you really you?

We often speak of not letting go of our inner child. But, I always wonder why does it have to be something we hold within?Why can't we embrace the innocence of our childish charms in everything that we do?Or did we take away that permission from ourselves when someone once said, "Act your age!"?What does [...]

Defining Moments

I’ve often mulled over the idea of one day listing the moments that I believe defined me in ways I often still don’t fully understand. The images that flash through my mind when I contemplate those defining moments are often not scenes of hope and happiness, but most often they’re scenes of struggles, pain, isolation, [...]

This is all starting to feel too adult for me. I prefer playing with kids. They usually have no hidden agendas, political motives, or underhanded suspicions. If I imitate them, they’re happy, and if they imitate me, I’m happy, and we give and take without keeping score. All adults know is to be territorial as [...]