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The most important gifts parents can give their children has to be a healthy self-esteem, a moral grounding and an appreciation for principles. Parents that are liberal sicken me. Those that leave their children to develop their own views about life under the guise of not wanting to impose their own views of spirituality, religion and politics on them are idiots. 

If kids were born with the maturity, logic and reasoning abilities to figure that out on their own, then why do we keep them under parental guidance until they’re 18? I have personally witnessed how kids and adults fall apart later in life because they lack the resilience to deal with a value system not of their own making, or one they do not subscribe to. And when it happens, we’re quick to apply labels to their state of mind so that we can compartmentalise and commercialise their ‘illness’. And the afflicted ones hold on to these labels because they need it to cope with their lack of control…they need it to feel alright about their weakened state without thinking they’re to blame, because the burden of responsibility is too great.

So we focus on the symptoms, ignore the nonsensical selfish behaviour of the parents, and hope that the next generation will do a better job of figuring things out because wholesome traditional values are too oppressive or repressive or uncool to impose on our children…lest we forget that they make healthier choices if they have an informed base off of which to decide. 

The noise…the fucking noise in my head…it makes even a bird’s beautiful chirp sound like a nagging shriek until I stop for long enough to realise it’s just the beautiful chirp of a beautiful bird…

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