Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 5

I'm hoping that you had someone to call in yesterday's challenge. If not, you should have paid someone to call you. That way, you would still have been responsible for calling someone you love. I mean, if you can't love yourself, then is it fair to expect anyone else to love you?  Self-love is not … Continue reading Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 5

In Search of Me

Clearing out the clutter that had accumulated for more than ten years is a tiresome process. There is an ideal way to approach it, which if followed,  could be relatively painless. It simply requires a clear view of what you have,  an understanding of what you need to keep,  and a very good idea of … Continue reading In Search of Me

Brain Dump

My mind is a mess. Articulating even the most simple thoughts are proving to be a challenge. There’s a haziness in my thought processes that feels angst-y and unnatural. I hate almost every post I write these days and I feel like a superficial moron seeking attention more often than not. For the first time … Continue reading Brain Dump

A Brain Dump…overdue…

There are times when I share some of my life’s experiences with others, and in the midst of my narrative, I pause. I pause because I wonder if I would actually believe some of the stories I tell if I were them. The answer is often not overwhelmingly positive, and that’s when the doubt creeps … Continue reading A Brain Dump…overdue…

brain clutter

The most important gifts parents can give their children has to be a healthy self-esteem, a moral grounding and an appreciation for principles. Parents that are liberal sicken me. Those that leave their children to develop their own views about life under the guise of not wanting to impose their own views of spirituality, religion … Continue reading brain clutter

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