Father : A silent duty

Fathers are often overlooked or forgotten, because they're seldom in the limelight.Silently serving in the background, they often do what is seen as just their job, or their duty.Not wired with an overt nurturing instinct, but rather that of a silent sentinel, ensuring their family's safety and comfort, they often grow accustomed to being in [...]

Mother’s Day – An Awkward Moment

I've been tempted to ask a few people the kind of question that is often dismissed as being ridiculous or unrealistic. But it's really a simple question that goes something like this. Apart from Anniversaries, Birthdays, and days like Mother's Day or Father's Day, do you believe that you acknowledge or celebrate the contribution of [...]

A Few Random Thoughts…and a rant!

I think celebrating birthdays breeds a sense of entitlement within us. Celebrating an event over which you had absolutely no influence whatsoever is superficial beyond belief. Automatically we entrench the idea that the manner in which you’re acknowledged or showered with gifts on the ‘occasion of your birth’ is supposedly a barometer to determine your [...]

brain clutter

The most important gifts parents can give their children has to be a healthy self-esteem, a moral grounding and an appreciation for principles. Parents that are liberal sicken me. Those that leave their children to develop their own views about life under the guise of not wanting to impose their own views of spirituality, religion [...]