Embrace the whole of you

We often discard good advice because we don’t like the source.

Sometimes it’s because we don’t want to appear weak in front of them, and other times it’s because we are trying to save face after having treated them badly.

Emotional maturity is achieved when we are willing to learn from our enemies and loved ones alike.

It’s achieved when we are more focused on growth, than we are on how we may appear to others.

Emotional maturity is key to living with authenticity, and serving with conviction.

But, emotional maturity is not something that you can pursue directly. It is an outcome.

What we need to pursue directly is connecting with the gratitude of who we are, while seeking understanding of why they are who they are.

We must seek to understand the value of every good quality, positive trait, and also every flaw, while embracing how each of these contribute towards making up the whole of who we are as a human being.

Emotional maturity and quality of life, and relationships, follow from there.

Any other approach is not sustainable, because every other approach will be dependent on how others treat us, before we will be able to show up as our best selves in that moment.

Own Your Life. If not, someone else will.

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