The balance of happiness

Without meaning to, life can become a trading exercise in which we give something with the expectation of receiving something else in return.

That’s when it gets complicated. When the assumptions of one or both becomes entangled in the belief that happiness lies in a like-for-like exchange of sentiment or gifts, or perhaps effort.

Sometimes, happiness is found in the opportunity to love without resistance to it.

The ability to have your expression received graciously and appreciatively, because in such acceptance lies the happiness of the one who gives, and the gracious acceptance forms the expression of love of the one who receives.

Happiness is found in differing expressions of love creating a beautiful whole.

It’s when servitude meets devotion, or nurturing meets strength that the two complement each other, rather than compete with each other.

Happiness is found in the balance that is born from the two, not in trying to create a singular expression between the two as one.

Too often we assume the happiness of another to be dependent on our active contribution towards them, rather than realising that it is simply our appreciation of their contribution towards us that creates the fulfilment that would calm the souls of both.

Calm souls create beauty, while anguished souls create destruction. Breathe beloved…just breathe…

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