Silent screams

Crying, or a show of emotion, is still a sign of hope that things can be different.It's a means to communicate our dissatisfaction because we believe that our dissatisfaction matters.Our emotional expression is exactly that. An expression.No one expresses unless there is an expectation of a response.That response may be from others, or even from... Continue Reading →

Navigating relationships – 5 of 5

As romantic as it seems, needing someone to complete you means that you're not at peace with yourself.It's not about whether it's right or wrong. Instead, it's about being aware of the demands that you're placing on your partner, most likely without realising it.If both are equally invested in such an approach to the relationship,... Continue Reading →

Navigating relationships – 4 of 5

The importance of having a healthy support structure cannot be over emphasised.Majority of relationships fail because support structures from one or both sides are focused on protecting their own from the assumed malicious intent of the other party, rather than trying to establish understanding between the couple, and supporting them towards building their relationship.This need... Continue Reading →

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