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Rocks don’t bleed

Sometimes your tears are a mourning of what was, and at other times it’s a yearning for what could have been.

More than this, it’s a path to the gentleness of your soul that is oppressed by the trials of life.

When your heart stops yearning for what was, or what you wish could be different, your tears begin to forge a new path. A path towards the hope that you struggle to subdue.

Just like rocks do not bleed, a hardened heart cannot cry. Beloved, take joy from the gentleness that you still possess despite the horrors of your past.

Any bitterness that we court denies us the joy that we deserve, and any joy that we court denies them the bitterness that they hoped to share.

Their bitterness is their heritage of a trial that is not yours to bear.

Breathe, beloved. Breathe. And know that your tears, if shed for them, holds no value for a hardened heart.

If tears must flow, let it flow to forge new paths of joy to replace the failed hopes of the past. But celebrate your tears as testament to the beauty of your soul, and not as regrets for having invested in a heart that was closed to joy.

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Zaid Ismail

Author, life coach, and mental health activist. We need to change the narrative from disorders, illnesses, and survival to accountability, understanding, and thriving.

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