Uniquely you

When trying to fit in feels burdensome or overwhelming, it may be time to consider that you were created for a purpose greater than just imitating the behaviour of others.

Recognising the uniqueness of who we are becomes difficult if we spend our lives focused on meeting the expectations of others in the hope that we will be accepted.

When we withhold our uniqueness from fear of being ridiculed or rejected, we also deny others the opportunity to experience what is unique about us.

Striking a balance between being true to ourselves and finding a space for ourselves in this world is therefore important.

Claiming our space without consideration for how it is received undermines the value that we hope to create in the lives of others.

It’s through sharing our uniqueness with that of others that we are able to create a new beautiful whole, whereas fitting in with everyone else only maintains the status quo.

Joy is found in striking a balance between being true to your uniqueness, while creating space in your life for the uniqueness of another.

Be true to yourself, but always be purposeful, and authentic.

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