The twins of love and pain

We see in the world around us that which occupies the most space in our hearts.

When our hearts are filled with love and affection, we find no place for hate or bitterness.

When we hold space in our life for justice for past oppression, we prevent that space from being filled with the love that we may receive in the present moment.

The need for justice often overwhelms any prospect of happiness because we feel denied as long as those who caused us pain live without consequence.

When we’re filled with the rage of revenge, or the need for justice, any approaching love or affection appears as a threat for further pain because the possibility of betrayal is still clearly etched in the pain from the past that has yet to be reconciled.

Healing then becomes dependent on justice, and life is put on hold. That holding pattern serves as a constant reminder of the injustice that we suffered, or the betrayal that cut so deeply.

Thus, the oppression of the past contaminates the present, and denies us a future of the very happiness we hope to experience.

But, when our rage convinces us that love and pain are twins, the promise of peace becomes a threat, and the holding pattern of pain becomes a comfort. Thus, we become unavailable to those who love us, and remain committed to seeking vengeance against those who thrive on our misery.

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