Time rewrites every line

From my blog post titled Legacy of Beauty, this excerpt resonated strongly this evening.

“As time morphs the pain into beauty it also morphs the beasts into angels.

Those that manipulate the vulnerable suddenly appear as the downtrodden when their loss of control is lamented as a betrayal of love or affection.

I sit with morbid amazement as I watch kids who are barely teens reminiscing about childhood and the wonderment that went with it as if it’s a long lost part of their lives, and I feel sad.

The sadness deepens when I witness how their recollections embellish events to make it more wholesome or inclusive than it really was.

The disease of the adults appear to have transcended a generation that used to be symbols of hope.

Those symbols of hope are quickly becoming reminders of despair instead.”

Read the full post on my blog at https://zaidismail.com/2016/04/29/a-legacy-of-beauty/

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