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  • Time rewrites every line

    Time rewrites every line

    From my blog post titled Legacy of Beauty, this excerpt resonated strongly this evening. “As time morphs the pain into beauty it also morphs the beasts into angels. Those that manipulate the vulnerable suddenly appear as the downtrodden when their loss of control is lamented as a betrayal of love or affection. I sit with […]

  • The Betrayal of Pain

    As a child, I recall idyllic holidays in the heartland of Kwazulu Natal. A small farm town with only basic amenities, and a farm with an abundance of natural intrigue, even more than beauty. These are two destinations that merge into one in my mind when I reminisce about the long drives down the rugged […]

  • Heart Strings

    There are moments that creep up on me that extract memories and yearnings that l barely recalled up to that point. But in a brief moment, those vague recollections suddenly surge forward with an energy that leaves me mute. Playing with my niece tonight rendered one such moment. The sincerity in the laughter of a […]

  • Nostalgic Deception

    Flipping through some old sets of postcards that I bought on my very first trip abroad, I felt an inclination to want to reminisce about that trip as if it was such a beautiful experience. You know, those memories that you see through rose coloured spectacles pretending that everything was perfect with the world and […]

  • The story of that (empty) house

      This house, no, THAT house held many things. In it’s wall grew a tangle of thoughts, emotions, musings wanderings, knotted together with desire, hope, love and courage decaying with anger, misunderstanding, insecurity and indifference This house, no, THAT house was built on a strong yet unsteady foundation of fascination That house (yes, I’ve learnt […]

  • Heavenly Beauty

     This is  a sunset that captured my spirit after an amazing experience. I took this photo almost a year ago and looking at it again after a long time instantly invokes those same feelings that overwhelmed me that day. Truly a day to remember and to relive a thousand times over. On a slightly […]