What do you see in the mirror?

Given how easily we can change how we present ourselves to others through social media these days, it’s important to remember how much of our authenticity has to be sacrificed in the process.

Be true to yourself, online and offline, and you won’t need filters to make your life or yourself appear to be different from your reality.

We convince ourselves, sometimes of truths and sometimes of delusions of who we are.

When it’s a delusion, we forget that in the process, we also have to convince ourself that we’re not who we really are.

It sounds complicated but it’s really simple. Before we can believe that we’re someone we’re not, we have to convince ourselves that who we really are is not true.

Why would we do such a thing? Because we’re afraid that if we don’t fit someone else’s expectations, we may find ourselves isolated or alone. And no one wants to be alone. Right?

However, loneliness is most felt when you’re in company that doesn’t recognise who you really are. To connect sincerely and meaningfully with another, we must be true to ourselves first, or else we’ll lose every moment in our efforts to be what we took that need, rather than who we are.

And that’s how we lose ourselves in the process.

Read that again if you must, but internalise it.

It could save your sanity and your peace.

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