Money is not the root of evil

Money is nothing more than a tool.

It’s a means to an end, not a motivation in itself.

Even its accumulation through miserliness, or its wastage through extravagance still makes it nothing more than a tool to achieve a greater goal.

Ingratitude is what results in such tools being used to our detriment, or to the detriment of others.

Money in the hands of an ingrate is used to harm others, or the self.

Ingratitude is therefore the demon that we must learn to understand if we hope to use money in a way that creates a fulfilled life.

Ingratitude is born of the belief that we are entitled to things or outcomes.

That sense of entitlement is based on our need to feel validated by such privilege, because we see it as a measure of how much we mean to others.

Our need for such validation is from a lack of appreciation for who we are and what our unique contribution to this world can be, and instead, a fixation on everything that we don’t have.

Understand the source of your ingratitude, and tools like money will carry with it benefits and blessings in ways you never thought possible, without contaminating your ego in the process.

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