You can’t wish away your struggle

Wishing it’s a sunny day when it’s raining is not going to make the sun come out.

Therefore, leaving your umbrella behind is an act of foolishness, not optimism.

A positive mindset can often lead us into delusional states.

When our overbearing sense of deliberate positivity doesn’t produce results, it crushes our spirit even more than before we started.

Keep it real.

Positivity is about focusing on opportunities, not about wishing away reality.

Whispering to the universe, if not followed by real and decisive action, will remain nothing more than a whisper.

Positivity doesn’t only attract positivity, it also attracts the negative ones who are in need of positivity.

If you don’t recognise this, you’ll struggle to reconcile why your efforts at being positive still yield negative results.

You attract what others need, not what you are.

If nothing else, let that be the grounding point for your sanity.

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