Choose your moment

We all have a touch of insanity that threatens to overwhelm us at times.

Instead of competing to be heard above the noise of the madness around you, your sanity may be better served by finding peace in being able to choose your madness.

When we lose sight of what is important because we’re focused on being heard, we lose ourselves to the effort of competing with the struggles of others.

If everyone focuses on wanting to have their struggles honoured, who will find time to rise above it?

We’re human. By design, we are emotional beings.

But we must recognise that our emotions make us aware of how we are experiencing something, while our intellect enables our response to it.

When we honour our emotions above all else, we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn from the experience so that we may rise above it.

We must find balance in everything, even in our emotional expression, or else we risk losing ourselves to the very thing we claim to define our space in this world.

Choose your moments.

Choose your battles.

Choose your audience.

Not every moment is yours to claim.

Not every battle needs to be fought.

Not every audience is committed to hearing your story, or honouring your struggle.

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