A life beyond being

Without experiencing the joy of living, life will remain a dutiful encounter.

Similarly, without experiencing the sweetness of true love, love will feel like a need to serve and to be served.

It is only in connecting with an experience beyond what we imagined to be the limits of what is possible, that we begin to pursue the impossible.

But such an experience cannot be taught, nor can it be studied to be appreciated.

Intellectualising it makes it a dream, while experiencing it makes it the only acceptable outcome.


Fear destroys dreams and replaces it with complacency.

Because the fear of losing what we deeply yearn for, is more daunting than living our dream.

So we protect our dreams from abandoning us, or us abandoning them, by convincing ourselves that such romantic aspirations are not for this world.

Because what was birthed in heaven, cannot be sustained on earth.

Faith is all that stands between a life worth living, and an existence worth protecting.

Have faith, beloved… And just breathe…

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