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  • Claim your humanness

    Claim your humanness

    My daughter looked quite distressed when she asked me this question over the weekend. “What drives people to be so cruel to animals, like skinning them alive, or abusing them for profits?” The first thought that came to mind was this. We only lose our humanity when we feel less than human. The truth is,…

  • The absent parent

    The absent parent

    Even an absent parent is still parenting. It’s then on the shoulders of the present one to compensate for that. Sometimes, the absence of someone has a greater impact on us than the presence of others. This is especially true for parenting. The absent parent leaves the child with feelings of abandonment, insignificance, and a…

  • Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day

    Father’s day. It might be one day of the year for others, but for father’s, every day is father’s day. For those father’s who had to figure it out by themselves. For those who are prevented from being fathers. For those who think that they’re not enough. And of course, for those women who had…