Are you there for you?

We’re more inclined to recognise the needs of the weak, than we are of the strong.

Without meaning to, we diminish the humanness of those who persevere without complaint, because they often make it look so easy.

When we’re the strong ones persevering without complaint, we risk diminishing our own humanness as well, because we become defined by being strong for others.

Whether you’re strong or weak, you need to take time to connect with the human behind the strength, or the struggle that you observe in others, and especially within yourself.

If you don’t, you risk becoming the enabler of weakness and dependence, or the enabler of harshness and insensitivity.

Because that’s what happens when we lose contact with our humanness.

We stop expecting, or allowing ourselves and others to be human.

That’s when everything becomes dutiful and focused on rights and responsibilities.

And empathy and compassion, let alone love and affection, leave through the window.

All this because we forgot that we’re human, and that the ones failing us are human too.

We cannot choose differently for how others show up in our lives, but we can choose how we show up for them, and for ourselves.

Focus on that, and let the rest take care of itself.

When you achieve this, you’ll taste the sweetness of life and not just the accomplishment of goals.

Own Your Life.

It always starts with you.

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