The need to be godly

Godliness, like humility, is lost the moment we lay claim to it.

It is something that we may exhibit in our conduct or demeanour, but not something that we can directly claim.

It is our ability to manifest the attributes of the divine in our character and in our treatment of others without wanting to appear pious or godly in our approach.

The need to claim such attributes of godliness reflects the insecurity that we feel about our standing among those around us.

The moment we’re focused on how we appear to others, we begin to lose ourselves to their validation.

Similarly, the moment we claim godliness, we lose ourselves to arrogance.

And arrogance is only required to compensate for our insecurities. It is a mask to hide our shame, or to claim our needs because we believe that we’re not significant enough for others to want to care about what we need from them.

That’s why we take, instead of waiting to be offered. Or why we insult or demean rather than advising sincerely.

It’s all a means towards demanding that our virtues be acknowledged because we feel unappreciated by those we care about the most.

If you don’t appreciate who you are, in the absence of validation from others, how can you expect others to appreciate you?

Gratitude begets sincerity, and sincerity fosters brotherhood. Or sisterhood. And claiming divinity or godliness has no place at all.

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