Navigating relationships – 4 of 5

The importance of having a healthy support structure cannot be over emphasised.Majority of relationships fail because support structures from one or both sides are focused on protecting their own from the assumed malicious intent of the other party, rather than trying to establish understanding between the couple, and supporting them towards building their relationship.This need [...]

Navigating relationships – 2 of 5

When we're insecure about who we are, we're more likely to assume that the behaviour of those around us is because of what they think of us.This places an unspoken burden on them that influences how they show up for us when we need them most.If you want to understand your behaviour towards your partner, [...]

Navigating relationships – 1 of 5

When faced with a serious disagreement in their relationship, couples often turn to their own families or friends for advice or support.This can be helpful if the people providing such support or advice are mature and objective, rather than loyal above all else.Most often, family and friends will support us in our complaints against our [...]