More ways to destroy trust…

Our consideration of trust is often limited to promises or follow through on something that was clearly agreed with another.However, trust is broken in many ways, most of which are subtle and often unintended.It's these subtle breaches that leave us seething with anger or raging with tears while not knowing how to connect the betrayal [...]

Dishonesty is the thief of peace

We focus too much on how others treat us, and too little on how we treat ourselves.Honesty is one of those things that we find distasteful and repulsive when someone withholds it from us, but we overlook it when we do it to ourselves.When we're dishonest with ourselves, we find ways to justify that dishonesty.That [...]

When your sincerity is tested

Our sincerity is tested when we're faced with the opportunity to contribute in kindness, while being treated with disregard or ingratitude.But it's not our sincerity towards others that is tested.It is the sincerity of our convictions about what we hold true as principles to live by.We lose the best of who we are, when we [...]