An Incomplete Love Story – Author’s note

A note from the author for my novel, An Incomplete Love Story

This story was inspired by true events.

Some, my own but many based on incidents that I witnessed in the colourful domains of my life.

It is a story of an often-overlooked community.

Caught at the intersection of cultural pride while fighting for relevance in a rapidly evolving world, the South African Muslim Indian community is replete with prejudices from religious, political, and cultural influences.

Good intentions rarely paved the pathway to heaven. But, understanding those intentions in the face of the carnage that the resulting actions impose on the innocents is what breathes life into a decaying soul.

It is this that motivated me to write this novel.

That is, my hope to draw attention towards the contamination of the good by the misguided prejudices of a sincere but deeply flawed community.

~ Zaid.

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