Regret doesn’t change the past

It’s easy to lose ourselves in our efforts to overcome upheaval.

It’s also easy to look back and think that it was the trial that developed the strength or ability to overcome it.

But, what if we had that within us all along, and the trial only revealed it?

We must recognise the difference between our innate abilities, versus the skills we develop by applying those abilities.

Too often, we look at our skills and assume that to be our abilities. But why is this difference important?

It is our ability to acquire skills to overcome trials that are more important than the skills we acquire in that moment.

If we appreciate our ability to learn and to adapt, we’ll find less reason to stress, no need to just cope, and instead, we’ll face trials and challenges with greater confidence and less anxiety.

Strength therefore is found in our appreciation for our ability to acquire new skills, rather than giving in to the fear that the skills we have may be insufficient to overcome what we’re faced with.

Trials are therefore opportunities for growth, but we lose sight of the growth when we succumb to the fear of what we think awaits us on the other side of that trial.

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