To give up silently

“When you give up on something, it becomes a weighty silence that you carry within you for the rest of your life.

It’s a quiet acceptance that what once was the centre of your being will never be a part of your being again.

The silence is the only gesture that will honour such loss, such surrender.

And when anyone asks, if they even know to ask, all you can muster as a response is a sheepish grin and an involuntary shrug, hoping to appear nonchalant enough to hide the pain and the shame that you struggled with in the tortured darkness all those lonely, distraught nights.

That’s how the light fades, and the dullness replaces the enthusiasm that once defined your spirit.

Only, there’s no one looking close enough to notice. So your shame remains safe, and your heart, incomplete.”

Another excerpt from the manuscript threatening to bleed out of my heart and onto the keyboard.

From the sequel to my novel, this is a piece that may make it into my next novel titled, Taqdeer: A dance with destiny.

Photo credit : Adobe Stock

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