Rocks don’t bleed

Sometimes your tears are a mourning of what was, and at other times it's a yearning for what could have been.More than this, it's a path to the gentleness of your soul that is oppressed by the trials of life.When your heart stops yearning for what was, or what you wish could be different, your

Tainting a beautiful soul

Betrayal of trust always cuts deeper than any other wound that we endure in life.A trust of the heart is an offering of the most sacred parts of who we are to those whom we believe will add to its beauty, and its peace.When it is held sacred by the ones with whom we share

The broken cup

Too often, our focus is on how empty is our own cup.Sometimes it takes a while before we realise that we're not taking care of ourselves as we lose ourselves in our concern for others.So we begin to focus on filling our cup so that the emotional fatigue can finally be overcome.Sadly, we don't stop

The struggle of faith

It is our belief in the value of something that drives us towards fighting to protect it.We cherish that which we appreciate, and we appreciate that which we value.Call it conviction in the value of the outcome, or belief in the beauty of its truth. Whatever it is, it is that unwavering faith in what

Have a little faith

Believing is not the same as faith. At least not in the way that I experience it.When I believe in something, it's because I've attached evidence from previous experiences that convince me that what I believe to be true is probably true.While there is an element of faith to that, its not really faith. It's

A sacred trust

Mark Twain once said something about there being two days that are important in your life. The day you're born, and the day you find out why. I think there's a third day that matters as much as the other two. The day you realise that your why only matters to you, and no one